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Keyword Selection QA - QA Notes Definitions

This is the current list of QA Notes and their definitions:
  • No Intent - The Keyword (KW) does not match the Lesson Topic. Often it is too broad for the Lesson Topic. Another way to understand No Intent is that these Keywords are not what a User would enter into the search bar to arrive at the Lesson. 

  • Good KW - The KW selected is a good match for the Lesson Topic.

  • Learner KW - The selected KW shows definite Learner Intent. 

  • Redndnt - Redundant. The Selected KW is Redundant with another, already selected KW. 

  • Better PKW - Better Primary Keyword. The KW is a better selection for Primary KW.

  • Better SKWBetter Secondary Keyword. The KW is a better selection for Secondary KW.

  • What Is - The KW includes "What Is" the Lesson Topic or "What Are" the Lesson Topic and is selected by Selection Rule.

  • Title - The KW is a good selection because it appears in the Lesson Title.

  • High SV - High Search Volume. The KW is a good selection because it has High Search Volume or the KW is a better PKW due to Search Volume. 

  • Low SVLow Search Volume. The KW is not a good selection because it has Low Search Volume or the KW is a better SKW due to Search Volume. 

  • Fragment - The KW is a sentence fragment and is not selected by Selection Rule. 

  • CalculatorThe KW shows no Search Intent and is not selected by Selection Rule. The User is looking for an online calculator, not a Lesson. 

  • SubjectThe KW includes the Lesson Subject and is not selected by Selection Rule. 

  • Synonym - The KW selected is a closely related synonym for a previously selected KW and is not selected by Selection Rule. 

  • 10 KW - 10 Keyword Limit. The KW selected exceeds the KW Limit and is not selected by Selection Rule. 

  • RP - Reprioritize. The Lesson was Deprioritized incorrectly and should have been worked.

  • DP - Deprioritize. The Lesson was not Deprioritized but met the conditions for DP and has been DPed. 

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