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One-on-One Meetings - What It's All About

What's a One-on-One?
One-on-One's are regular, relatively unstructured monthly meetings where managers and direct reports trade information. These meetings are a widely accepted tool for moving information, insight, ideas, and suggestions between colleagues. On a broader level, one-on-one meetings give us the chance to work together to make Lumikha a better company and a better place to work. 

The Basic Questions
These are the overarching themes for our discussions. 

Are we focused on the right things?
As we perform our work, it's important that we are emphasizing the right work at the right time. That's how we focus. As the management guru, Peter Drucker put it: "Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing." Developing efficiency is how you apply yourself to your work on a daily basis. Making sure we are focused on the right thing is a product of these meetings. 

What is the best way for you and me to collaborate for the best and most rewarding outcomes?
Quality organizations are those where people work well together. Smooth interaction within a team happens when people ask themselves how they can work best with their colleagues and when people are comfortable asking for what they need to do their best work. As we meet and talk, we'll explore how we can best support each other. 

How can we each improve each other so we are building a great organization? 
Assuming our journey's destination is to be a great organization where we are delivering great work and growing the team and where people find their professional niche, we are bound together on this effort. These meetings are forums where we can discuss the tactics for this work. How can we "do the things we do right" and make Lumikha better?

Bring to the Meeting
  1. Bring yourself and be fully present for the meeting. If you want, draft modest agenda (questions, observations, requests, important topics, etc.)
  2. Also, bring a win and an area for improvement — these can be individual, team, or organization wins and opportunities. 

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