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Quality Assessment Process, Scoring, & Objectives

The Keyword Selection Project for involves continuous improvement of Sheets submitted. To improve our work, we perform a Quality Assessment of all Sheets. The quality process works in the following way:
  1. Keyword Selectors claim Sheets in the Working Folder by adding their initials to the Sheet.
  2. Selectors work the sheet according to the defined process and following the Selection Rules.
  3. Once the Sheet is complete, place the Sheet in the QA Folder and claim a new Sheet to work. 
  4. Once the Sheet is QAed, we share that back with the Selector with a score recorded at the bottom and comments in the Sharing link. 
The QAed Sheet will include two additional columns where the QA makes selection changes. The QA adds notes in the QA Notes column to the right of the new selection columns. Significant items are flagged in purple.

The bottom of the Sheet record the Overall Score, the Total Corrections, and QA Notes for Correction Categories. Our goal is to score 95% consistently. 


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